Constellatum: [Latin, adj neut]; starry, constellated, set with stars


This space is dedicated to discussion, exposition, and critical analysis of issues relating to the intersection of gender, morality, rights, Mormonism, and absolute truth.  The author’s personal experience with the little-understood condition of gender dysphoria is one of the primary motives behind these discussions, but discussion will not be limited to just this topic.  There is a huge amount of misunderstanding surrounding not only gender issues but other controversial and important topics across the nation today.  Hopefully issues discussed here and questions raised can help get rid of these misunderstandings.

Honesty, truth, and open-mindedness are reigning virtues; vitriol, anger or unkindness directed towards any person, any group of people, or any organization will not be tolerated.  Because of the controversial nature of topics addressed here, it is hoped that respect and a strong sense of empathy can be maintained amid differences of opinion and world-view.  It’s hoped that the reader may read with with an open mind and that all can be edified.

How the LDS (Mormon) church comes into play

The author was born, raised, and continues to be an active Latter-Day Saint.  Growing up with unique circumstances in the thick of Mormon culture in Utah and since living both out of the state and out of the nation, the author has experienced many diverging perspectives on Mormonism and life in general.

So, although the LDS church will be looked at with a critical eye, this blog is decidedly not anti-Mormon.  The church will be treated fairly as an imperfect organization run by imperfect humans that seeks to help the world through the sharing of a perfect gospel consisting of important, eternal truths.  While there is no claim here to be a conduit of revelation of truths that haven’t yet been revealed through the proper channels, the author subscribes to the belief that Heavenly Father “will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God”  (Article of Faith 9).

Nothing will be decisively ‘proven’ here, as that is not how religious belief systems work.  Rather, stories will be told, arguments will be made, and questions asked that hopefully serve to broaden and expand our understanding of the world, ourselves, and our relationships to each other, this mortal existence and our God.  Hopefully through what is discussed here, we can all better understand what is and what is not.

About the author

The author is an active LDS husband and father in his early 30s.  He works in the arts and enjoys learning and creative endeavors.  He experiences gender dysphoria, meaning he feels uncomfortable with his anatomically-assigned gender.  In this case, the author, biologically male, wishes to be female.

For reasons discussed here, the author has elected to write under the pen name of Capricornus.  More details may also be found in the introductory post here.  Find contact details here.

In conclusion

Ultimately, this blog is a space for seeking truth.  Thank you for your visit, and welcome.


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